About Thermenex

We took heating and cooling back to the basics. That’s where our innovation began.
In 2005, operating as a design-build mechanical contractor, Ian Hall and Jeff Weston developed a successful, low-cost, high-performance supply air-solution for a large institutional project. It was then they realized they had created something different – a heating, cooling and heat reclaim system integrated together using a single loop that varied its purpose based on demand.


When you heat one thing, you do it by cooling another. Heating a building is accomplished by cooling something, traditionally a burning fossil fuel. They realized there is enough intrinsic thermal energy available within large buildings to mostly heat themselves, and it was not being optimized with conventional solutions.

In 2008, Ian and Jeff extended the concept of integrating thermal energy systems to all systems in an entire building, yet this time they used a single pipe integrating multiple sub-loops. From 2008 until 2018 they installed over 15 custom one-off ‘Thermenex Systems’. The performance to cost ratio was very successful, but the custom one-off solutions were too complex for operators.

In 2019, they took their lessons learned and went back to engineering principles to find a simpler solution. With 10 years of experience on the cutting edge of designing advanced hydronic piping solutions, they discovered another innovation called a single-primary, dual-secondary piping arrangement.

Not only did this design simplify the control logic, it standardized it too. By automatically preferentially loading heat pumps to their most efficient state without the need for control valves, multiple fluid temperatures based on building demand were easily obtained with a single temperature setpoint. Our single pipe integrated thermal energy solution became standardized, therefore, no more custom one-off solutions required.

THIS is what we were searching for. A standardized piping arrangement that is easy to control and simple to operate using a standardized control sequence. This simple solution required a simple name – TGH.

‍Our passion is helping owners and engineers design, build and operate reliable HVAC systems that cost-effectively minimize resource waste creating truly sustainable buildings.