If it isn’t affordable – it isn’t sustainable

Multiple award-winning installations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by as much as 93%, and energy cost savings up to 59%, Thermenex is proven to increase your building’s sustainability, while reducing your operating costs and providing the lowest life-cycle costs
Thermenex utilizes our patented hydronic energy exchange system that optimizes the transfer, exchange and reuse of a building’s inherent thermal energy.

Change your perspective – reduce your footprint – reduce your energy costs

The idea behind the Thermenex revolution is simple: Think of your building as a thermal energy resource, rather than a space to heat or a space to cool.  This innovative thinking is powering a transformation in commercial HVAC design – The most efficient, affordable and effective whole building HVAC system available today.  It easily meets and exceeds new energy code regulations while being completely scale-able and cost efficient.
Thermenex energy management system is a breakthrough in sustainable design; it’s a way to move heat energy from where it is not needed to where it is needed using the existing thermal resources already within your building.  It treats your building envelope as a thermodynamically closed system, reducing your energy bill (not to mention fossil fuels).