Minimizing exergy destruction is the path to Net Zero Carbon buildings and communities.

Exergy (quality) of a resource, is a measure of the potential of a resource to do useful work. The rigorous pursuit of exergy preservation saves energy (quantity) and results in a true sustainable solution.

Change your approach, change the result.

The pursuit of exergy preservation objectives:

  1. Reduce demand – apply smart building envelope techniques.
  2. Improve efficiency – reduce total input energy to accomplish level of service.
  3. Reduce waste – Capture energy before it leaves the building.
  4. Use renewable energy – Integrate solar, sewer exchange, or thermal storage.
  5. Reduce carbon emissions – Exergy preservation reduces fossil fuel consumption.
  6. Manage thermal energy – Adapt to variable building loads. Time, Quantity, Quality.
  7. Optimize energy exchange – Heating is cooling, focus on both sides of every exchange.
  8. Optimize energy delivery – Water density moves more energy with less energy
  9. Match loads with sources – Use multiple and variable temperatures.
  10. Use passive-aggressive heat reclaim – passive only techniques underutilize waste heat.

Thermenex Logic Control – Exergy Optimizer

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