What we do

We harness, manipulate and transform thermal energy into a dynamic flowing resource, guide it to where the building needs it, when the building needs it, through technology, logic, and exergy principles in a revolutionary way of applying first principle thinking, with the objective to do as little as possible and waste nothing.  If you have a building, operate a building or want to help make the buildings in your community the most sustainable energy efficient possible….we need to talk.

We provide True Sustainable thermal energy solutions for large dynamic buildings in cool climates with an innovative process using a simple water filled pipe. We work collaboratively with building owners, operators, architects, engineers, contractors and equipment suppliers to deliver guaranteed performance.

Thermenex® is a patented system developed by ‘first principle thinking’, a mode of inquiry that relentlessly pursues the solution from the root of a problem. We chose to challenge the status quo of traditional HVAC design and started again from fundamental truths.  What we learned: Large dynamic buildings are underutilized sources of thermal energy.

Traditional HVAC design assumes heating and cooling are distinct problems to be solved individually. Conversely, first principle thinking starts with understanding that cooling is the removal of heat. Heating and cooling are opposite sides of every thermal energy exchange. Heating something, cools something else. Heating and cooling occur with every thermal energy exchange. Heating is cooling, always. To save energy and exergy you must optimizing both.

Heating and cooling temperatures for large dynamic buildings in cooler climates overlap. Instead of multiple independent heating, cooling, and heat rejection systems, we provide one system of thermal energy exchange.

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