Thermenex® is available at three levels:

  1. License fee only, allowing your mechanical consultant to utilize our proprietary piping system. (Consultant and project must be must be approved)
  2. As a design-build-control component TLC (Thermenex Logic Controller™) within your building. Thermenex® provides the main thermal energy plant TGH (Thermal Gradient Header™) piping design plus supplies, installs and programs the system controls.
  3. As a prefabricated thermal energy plant we call a TIAB™ or Thermenex-In-A-Box. All the major components a shipped to site in modules for assembly. This includes our TGH, TLC and MTEC (Modular Thermal Energy Center) plus the main building pumps and Air Handling Systems.

Thermenex products 2 and 3 are custom fabricated to suit your project and include the following:

  • Cost feasibility study of your building or district to insure maximum benefit
  • Detailed building or district specific proposal
  • Interaction with your design team to maximize the performance of the Thermenex System
  • Design & Installation Instruction Documents
  • Signed and Sealed Piping schematic drawing for the Thermenex Plant
  • Start up and commissioning
  • Performance guarantee
  • Two year off site monitoring to insure peak operation and performance
Conditions apply. Please contact us for further details or to receive a proposal.